Casey and I love cheat sheets! You know, when someone gives you a bunch of their ideas so you don’t have to think too hard. Because we love you all so much, we’ve created a long cheat sheet for you that will hopefully inspire you. We can always improve our marriage and in fact, we would stress that when couples become stagnant, it’s a very dangerous road to be on.

Here are 50 things you can start doing to improve your marriage today!
  • Compliment your spouse daily
  • Buy them their favorite drink (Starbucks, tea, a bottle of wine)
  • Reach for their hand when watching TV
  • Talk about the little things
  • Don’t keep secrets
  • Initiate sex
  • Apologize when you’re wrong
  • Take a walk hand in hand
  • Go to bed together
  • Start committing to the 60 Second Blessing
  • Send flirty texts and emails throughout the day
  • Read a marriage book together
  • Appreciate all that your spouse does
  • Give more and expect less
  • Simplify your life so you have more time for connection
  • Schedule date nights regularly
  • Ask for what you want and need (your spouse isn’t mind reader)
  • Stay healthy and try to look your best
  • Remove the television from your bedroom
  • Create shared goals
  • Volunteer together
  • Offer to help with the daily chores
  • Make forgiveness part of your marriage strategy
  • Give grace freely
  • Listen with empathy
  • Talk a little less and listen more
  • Turn off your phone
  • Go on a weekend getaway just you two
  • Plan and stick to a budget
  • Remember that you’re on the same team
  • Always kiss goodnight
  • Be the first to say SORRY
  • Be quick to defend your spouse’s honor
  • Write a love letter
  • Sleep naked
  • Be willing to have the tough conversations
  • Ask open ended questions
  • Don’t give up
  • Choose to love even when you don’t feel like it
  • Make honesty your best policy
  • Ask for a redo
  • Eat dinner together
  • Always discuss major purchases before making them
  • Remove the word “DIVORCE” from your vocabulary
  • Have a Naked Dinner
  • Say NO to something so you can say YES to your marriage
  • Dream together
  • Learn something new together
  • Respect your spouse’s opinion
  • Be vulnerable

Now it’s your turn. Comment below and tell us one thing you’re going to do this week to improve your marriage.

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20 thoughts

  • Ivy Rice

    One thing I’m going to do this week to improve my marriage is schedule a date night. With both of us in school, working, & being parents to two young children (without childcare may I add – we work opposite shifts) we rarely get time alone in or out of the house.

  • John K.

    Immediately shared with my wife. Our 3 yr old has taken over our relationship and home. On top of me being diagnosed with cancer. It is time for a revolution.

    • Meygan Caston

      Every marriage has struggles. 2 different people, with different personalities, interests, beliefs, fears, etc are bound to bring up conflict.

  • eric

    Many on the list are easy…the naked ones…lol but marriage is work…but even when things are good…these little reminders help…anyone ready to give up….I encourage you to try one more time.

  • Kipp

    Marriage is hard work,it take 2 people to say I do and it takes 2 to make it work as I said 2.the in law should let their children live their lives with no guilt . The in laws have had good live and should allow grow children with their own grown children LIVE LIFE AS THEY SEE FIT and however and to do whatever makes them happy.

  • Robin Connelly

    Wide range of activities — I would like to live up to such a list — the mere presence of the list will help me stay focused.

    I have printed the page to share with my wife, since she doesn’t do email. We may share it with a newly married couple (3 days!) after I discuss it with my wife.

  • Marjorie Hilbourn

    We are going on a Christian Marriage weekend in the mountains next weekend and I will plan to bring some cute duds, look my best (at 8 months pregnant) and sleep naked at least one night….haven’t done that since our first child!! Marriage is worth the WORK!!

  • Tracey

    Be willing to have the tough conversations. That’s what we need to do more of. Sometimes it seems to make us argue so I think that combine with understanding the others point of view. Someone has told me perspective is reality. So to understand the other person better to know their perspective, is important.

  • Ted in Foxton NZ

    wow…. is so easy to read through and to pass or fail my Wife, but extremely hard to look at only myself and the areas and things i need to change, improve and communicate in, to make the best effort…. i am going to read through this list every day… and determine

  • Reese

    I try to do everything on this list. My wife only does a few. I can’t do this by myself, but I refuse to give up. Her? Well, every disagreement we have she wants a divorce, but she’ll have to sue for one if she wants one because I’m fighting for my marriage.

  • Trina

    My husband is a truck driver…he’s barely around and when he is his mind is still over the road. I’ve tried the texts, compliments, and whatever else I can do since he’s not physically here. Now it seems it’s expected of me but he does not reciprocate. Any suggestions?

  • Rhonda Taylor

    We are doing a “honeymoon” remodel and living in our home at the same time. We’ve been married one month. However, together for 10 years.
    I’m going to be more patient with the challenges of not having a kitchen or our bedroom right now and appreciate my husbands willingness to do this remodel together. He is a wonderful husband and it’s important for me to remember he’s also struggling with the inconveniences right now.

  • Amanda Brady

    Don’t talk behind your spouses back about your problems with them. Don’t encourage a negative opinion of your spouse in your friends and family – where you may forgive and forget quite easily, others build their perception off of your portrayal of the relationship.

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