Getting married?

Congratulations! We’re excited for you and honored that we get to be part of your journey. We’ll start off by sharing this: Premarital courses are essential for couples entering into marriage because they help set the proper expectations to navigate through this major life change. When couples create healthy habits early on in their relationship, they will have the tools to overcome future issues in their marriage. Studies have proven that couples who go through quality premarital courses are better equipped and less likely to divorce.

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 Premarital Course

Prepare for the most important relationship you’ll have in this life… your marriage! Our premarital course is designed for seriously dating, engaged, and newlywed couples.

The course covers 6 core topics to build a strong foundation and a healthy start in your marriage. We also include a bonus section with topics such as affair proofing, parenting, and spirituality.

Your Happily Ever After starts here!

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