With an over 90% success rate, our marriage intensives are geared to give couples the breakthroughs they need to heal from the wounds of the past and move forward in a healthy way.

Is this option for you?

  • Have you fallen so far out of love, you wonder if it will ever come back?
  • You’ve tried counseling but are not seeing the results?
  • Do you find yourself asking if your marriage is worth it?
  • Are you stuck and have no idea how to move forward?
  • Are you living more like roommates than lovers?

The reality is that one hour counseling sessions cannot get at the deeper underlying issues couples in crisis struggle with. The intensive structure will provide the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for in your marriage.

This safe environment allows you to break through your communication obstacles and helps uncover hidden barriers that are keeping you from a healthy marriage. You will not only walk away knowing and understanding each other better, but walk out with an action plan that will keep you on the right track. Intensives are hosted in Orange County, CA, but we will travel to you if necessary. All travel related expenses are covered by the couple.

1 Day Marriage Intensive // HELP, WE’RE STUCK!

Our one day marriage intensive is geared for couples who are stuck in a rut but are fully committed to making their marriage work. The marriage isn’t falling apart but these couples recognize that it could be so much better. The morning will be a focus on self-discovery and awareness of what’s happening in the relationship, while the afternoon and evening will allow time to process through core areas in the relationship that couples are stuck in and action plans to

Hosted in Orange County, CA, the day will get started at 9AM and will often go until 9PM. Pricing for Casey to facilitate is $1200 and for Casey and Meygan to both facilitate is $1900.

2 Day Marriage Intensive // HELP, WE’RE THROUGH!

At this point, the marriage is heading for divorce, suffering from either an affair, addictions, or abuse. Consider this as an option before making any decisions to end the relationship. We’ve seen so many couples experience healing and restoration. This 2 day marriage intensive has a 90% success rate to turn your marriage around. During our time together our processes will bring about a greater awareness of what is broken in your marriage and what is triggering toxic behaviors. Our first day will include various exercises that will help guide you through a discovery of what is causing the rupture in the relationship. The second day will allow us to focus on healthy relationship habits that repair and start to rebuild a stronger marriage.

These 2 day marriage intensives are hosted in Orange County, CA. Pricing for Casey to host is $2100. For both Casey and Meygan to host is $3400.

What is covered?

No marriage is the same, therefore no intensive is the same. Both intensives will include several assessments that will analyze your relationship style, giving us the ability to target these areas quickly. We also include 2 follow up sessions to create accountability to the action plans you create during the intensive. Common topics that are covered during our intensive are:

  • How to rebuild trust
  • How to heal from hurt so you can move forward
  • Communication tools that will get you talking not fighting
  • Boundaries with work, family, money, time, and the opposite sex
  • How to spark back intimacy in the marriage
  • How to fall back in love over and over again

What couples are saying

I was extremely hesitant meeting for a full two days with Casey and Meygan but my husband and I were desperate for some sort of help so we took the risk not really knowing what we were getting ourselves into. We instantly felt comfortable to open up and share our deepest and ugliest fights with them. We were able to completely heal from past wounds and understand why we got where we were. They sat us down and we all four created individual and marriage goals for us to implement in our relationship. It was an emotional two days but my husband and I walked away healed, happy and filled with hope once again.David & Geena

My wife and I were considering separation and decided to attend the two day marriage intensive in Orange County. We chose to be fully present and open to the process hoping to gain some perspective on which direction we should go in our relationship. Casey & Meygan were transparent about their own struggles and didn’t hold anything back when it came to our issues. That was the safest environment we’ve ever been in and we were able to move past many of the issues we were struggling with for years. I can honestly say that I went from having no respect for my wife to now worshipping the ground she walks on. They helped me see her in a completely different way and I fell back in love with her all over again. Though the past couple of months have had some ups and downs, the tools they taught us have helped up move past arguments without killing each other. We are so grateful for their intensive and would recommend every hurting couple to go through it.Chad & Lexi

The one day marriage intensive with Meygan and Casey was the best thing I ever did for myself and for my marriage. We were stuck in a rut for almost 6 years and tried several different therapists and there was little to no change. We learned so many communication and repair tools that we’ve been able to use in our marriage that help us during the difficult days. I felt valued and loved and understood by them and by my husband which was what I wanted for so long and didn’t even know it. If you’re smart and you care about your marriage, you will spend an entire day with this couple who genuinely cares about your marriage succeeding.Jayne & Paul

Next Steps

If you are interested in learning more about our intensives, please email us at connect (at) marriage365.org.