WEEKLY DATE NIGHTS ARE NECESSARY to keep your marriage fresh and vibrant. It’s probably our number one advice to couples, no matter what state their relationship is in. So naturally, we are always on the hunt for great date night ideas and tips.

Date Night Pointers


  • The purpose of a date night is about connecting, having fun and learning more about each other. The key to that is asking open ended questions. Here’s a quick list for you to download.
  • 2 rules. NO talking about kids. NO talking about money. This is about YOUR connection. Protect that time from turning into transactional talk like schedules, budgets and how cute your kids are.


  • No, you DO NOT have to go out every time. We play card games, share a dessert by the fire, or sometimes go for a walk in our neighborhood. Nothing fancy, just us being us and connecting.


  • Yes, we often turn to our own webcasts, Naked Conversations, and use the connecting questions worksheets to help us talk about the deeper issues in our marriage. We’ve come up with over 200 questions so you don’t have to.


  • Don’t forget that the feeling of being in love was formed early on through a dating process. If you don’t feel in love, maybe it’s because you’ve stopped dating each other.
Let’s talk about DATEBOX…

Let’s be honest… life can get really busy. We’re tired often and having to think of something creative for our date nights (and we do this for a living, ha!) is taxing. Then we got a hold of these date boxes and we immediately fell in love with the concept. We were both surprised with just how much fun we’d have with our date boxes!


The team over at Datebox loves helping couples connect as much as we do and so… (drumroll please!) … they are giving a Datebox to ALL of our Naked Conversations subscribers for 50% off! You read that right… all new (and existing!) subscribers will get a FREE Datebox. (Instructions on how to redeem will be emailed to you after joining our Naked Conversations community!)

To sign up visit NAKED CONVERSATIONS and learn how thousands of couples are connecting each month!



Marriage365 exists to help couples connect – ALL couples. No matter what state your relationship is in, we’d be honored to be part of your journey to get (back) to happily ever after. Explore our recommended resources:



One thought

  • Maz

    I agree totally with the date night idea. We can get so wrapped up in ongoing life that we forget to look after each other. I tell my married children that the longer they are married the more important their date nights.
    We found after five children and fouteen years of marriage that we never spent any quality time together and that’s when we started the date nights . At first we would have a special meal on a friday evening with a bottle of wine and shut the dining room door, telling the children not to disturb us and giving the eldest a little pocket money for being in charge

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