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Why Is My Spouse So Distant?

When you’re dating it feels like you can’t possibly get enough of each other. It seems like any time spent apart leaves you with a deep urgency to connect and…

The 4 Predictors of Divorce | Marriage365 Blog
Blog Conflict For Husbands For Wives

The 4 Predictors of Divorce

No one intends to get married with the goal of ending it all in a bitter divorce, yet 50% of couples tying the knot this year will divorce within 5-7…

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What Your Husband Really Needs

Not long ago, I went through an incredible book called Men of Courage. My closest friends and I wanted to grow in our understanding and knowledge of the male mind…

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Couples

It’s amazing how many people commit to bettering themselves going into the new year. Not sure if this is the 28th post about resolutions or not, but we’d like to…

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Women

I LOVE setting goals. I love New Year’s resolutions. I really do enjoy geeking out about trying new things and changing old habits! So I put together a list of…

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Holiday Gift Ideas For Couples

The Holidays are right around the corner, so now is a great time to start planning the perfect gift for your significant other. If you’re stuck, don’t worry! We are…

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Our Go-To Resources for Our Marriage

We get asked a lot… what are your go to resources for your own marriage? While there are quite a bit out there, you have to know that we are…

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How To Fight So You Both Win

Think about the last disagreement you and your spouse had. Are you proud of the way you handled it? Conflict is an unavoidable part of marriage and it is important…

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5 Tips For Engaged Couples

Congratulations! You’re engaged to the love of your life. Now what? Being engaged is undoubtedly one of the most exciting and also stressful times in a couple’s life. Wedding planning…

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7 Ways to Show Your Spouse Gratitude

Choose gratitude in every season of marriage to stay present and joyful. Fight getting lost in life’s daily routine by actively choosing to express gratitude for your spouse. Take the…

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How To Appreciate Your Spouse’s Flaws

Someone wise once told me “every trait a person has becomes magnified in marriage.” While at the time I believed that was wisdom, I did not understand it fully until…

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Dear Husband: How to Help Your Wife Get Through Postpartum Depression

Such a raw and helpful article written by Anna Collins. I too struggled with this and couldn’t have said it better myself. – Meygan   Dear Husband: How To Help…

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Helping Your Addicted Spouse

In 2016 alone, more than 50,000 people died of an overdose. Unfortunately, addiction is a problem that is touching many households. In this year and beyond, more marriages will have…

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25 Passionate Texts to Send to Your Spouse

This is when TECH comes in handy in a marriage. We lead busy lives and sometimes have days where we’re more like two birds passing in the wind. But oh… how…

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5 Ways to Beat Bedroom Boredom

Every athlete fears the slump; the part of their career where nothing exciting happens. Yes they show up for the games but they’ve lost their interest.  How they break out of…

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25 Fun Questions To Ask Your Spouse

John Gottman calls them love maps. We call them open ended questions. The point here is that you talk, laugh, dream and learn more about each other. Some questions are…

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Blended Family Marriages – After the “I Do’s”

The dating was exciting. The wedding was perfect … but you didn’t expect the “one big happy family” to not be so happy! Welcome to blended family life. Many times…

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30 Conversation Starters For Spouses To Dream Together

If you’re looking to take your marriage to the next level, I encourage you to find ways to dream together. Share your passions and deepest desires. Take some time to…

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Marriage In The Midst Of Miscarriage

Miscarriage happens. It happened to us, and it may have happened to you. I know that it hurts, but please hear this: you do not have to hurt alone. Your…

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30 Holiday Questions to Ask Your Spouse

The holiday season can sometimes be cliché with all the pictures of cute boots and pumpkin spice lattes. Even so, I want to encourage you to embrace fall and the…

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10 Anniversary Date & Gift Ideas

This year, we celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. We love to spoil ourselves and not necessarily with expensive gifts like jewelry and trips, but rather with experiences where we can…

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How To Keep Boundaries With The Opposite Sex

Healthy marriages do not experience affairs, period. Affairs spout in the soil of neglect, isolation, and loneliness. Combine that with a lack of healthy boundaries with friends of the opposite…

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The Importance of Being Honest in Marriage

We all have an outer self of some sort. This is the cleaner version of yourself you share with others, such as at a work holiday party where you are…

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What To Do When You Want Counseling, But Your Spouse Doesn’t

Marriages suffer for all kinds of reasons: lack of regular maintenance, an affair, an addiction, unhealthy behaviors (i.e. nagging, manipulating, belittling, name-calling etc.), in-laws, poor financial decisions, lack of intimacy,…

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What To Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Appreciate You

It was one of those days where I spent all day mopping, vacuuming, cooking (which I loathe), and doing laundry. I even made the time to organize my husbands underwear…

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How To Re-Ignite Intimacy In Your Marriage

Occasionally in marriage we go through dry-spells. It happens and it can happen to all of us for a variety of different reasons. Life can become busy and difficult to…


How To Be Authentic With Your Spouse

Let’s be honest: Authenticity with your spouse can be scary at times. You want them to know everything about you, but at the end of the day… you also want…

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5 Date Ideas To Spark Your Marriage

Dating in marriage is challenging, and there are plenty of reasons why date-night gets put on the back burner. Sometimes the babysitter cancels, sometimes you’re both exhausted from a long…

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20 Warning Signs of a Troubled Marriage

Most married couples wait way too long before they reach out for help. In fact, research shows that couples wait 6 years before getting help! Ouch… problems that might have been solved…

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How To Get The Work / Family Balance Right

My 9 year old daughter wrote Meygan and I notes a few moths ago with a bunch of words that describe us. As I read this note decorated with markers…

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7 Habits of Healthy Couples

We are creatures of routine and can often find ourselves stuck in these bad cycles of either fighting, being too busy, or not having the right expectations. The only way to create new…

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What To Do After The Affair

An affair is a devastating blow to the foundation of a marriage. Tune into one of our marriage Monday’s where we answer a question from a couple trying to figure…

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40 Date Night Questions

Forgo the dinner and a movie and go straight to really connecting with your spouse. Love is not self-sustaining but requires constant maintenance. We can often get stuck on surface-y…

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How To Boost Your Sexual Intimacy

3 tips on how to boost your intimacy in your marriage. Enjoy these practical tips and watch your marriage change for the best! Next steps… If you desire a healthy…

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Are You a Man of Courage?

Man Up or Numb Out. In reflection of my life and the hundreds of couples I’ve married off, coached, and mentored, I have come to a conclusion- we are in a…

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30 Questions To Ask Your Husband

Ladies…be curious about your husband. Ditch the obligatory “How was your day?” and replace it with unique, thought provoking, open-ended questions. Demonstrating genuine interest in your husband and opening dialogue shows…

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4 Holiday Tips for Married Couples

Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la la…. Yeah right. The first 8 years of our marriage we spent every Christmas going back and…

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Guess who was on ExtraTV?!

We were asked to weigh in on Hollywood marriages and how they can keep it hot while under the close observation of the entire world. We applaud these couples that are…

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How to Change Your Spouse

Have you ever tried to change your spouse? How’s that working for you? We get asked this a lot. Couples want to see that the other person in the relationship…

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16 Ways To Fall In Love All Over Again

I honestly think that when we got married 13 years ago, I thought our love would never fade. There was so much passion, so much spark in our relationship that…

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Why You Need A Marriage Mentor

There we stood in our third year of marriage… more like enemies than lovers. It seemed the odds were stacked against us. We came from broken families, buried ourselves in…

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5 Ideas for Mad, Passionate Love

Married sex is awesome! It’s such a wonderful gift that we get to share our bodies with our partner and learn over time exactly how to please each other. In this…


The 60 Second Blessing

I think we often under estimate the power that words have in our marriage.  It’s amazing what a simple compliment can do to lighten the mood and grow love.  On the…

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Surviving While Parenting a Child with Autism

Marriage365 is about building thriving marriages. We open up about our own marriage while having a child with special needs. Did you know that 89% of marriages end when faced…

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How to Recover From an Affair

A Broken Promise   An affair is a devastating blow to a marriage.  The very foundation of your marriage is ruptured as the vows to each other to be faithful,…

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Our Bucket List

If you follow us on social media, you know that we are a loud and outgoing couple who are always looking for the next adventure. I think it’s extremely important…

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4 Things We Learned From Marriage Counseling

Yes, Casey and I are the first to admit that we have been to marriage counseling. But we don’t view it as a bad thing at all. In fact, we…