Meet the couple least likely to succeed in marriage.

Live in a county with a 72% divorce rate

12 marriages between both sets of our parents


Parenting a child with Autism

Coping with life and ADHD

Buried in over $200,000 in debt

Every conflict turned into COMBAT

Zero communication skills

Always forgave, but never FORGOT

Struggled through years of infertility

By year 3, we were headed straight towards divorce.

Not only did we not like each other, we HATED each other. We were ashamed that our marriage was falling apart and felt like we could do nothing about it. It was a very, very lonely time. Yet out of complete despair, we were challenged with the idea—> in order to make your marriage work, you have to CHOOSE love 365 days a year. In a small act of courage, we tried it… and it worked! It gave us one small step in the right direction, but for the first time we experienced HOPE.

We later found out that we were not alone in our desperation.

Millions of couples are trying to figure out this thing called marriage so we decided to do something about it. With our unique perspective as a husband and wife team, we started to rethink how to communicate the timeless truths about marriage in a way that connects with the issues that the modern couple goes through.

What started out as daily social media reminders quickly inspired us to begin writing, speaking, and coaching couples. Then, we set out to create the first online premarital course called HAPPILY EVER AFTER, which has gained national attention. We now nurture a thriving community of couples tuning into our monthly webcasts at Naked Conversations (don’t worry, we are fully clothed).…

And we’re just getting started!!!

Connection is what we long for. It’s what brings us meaning and purpose in our lives and all of our resources will effectively help you and your spouse connect on a deeper level.

Marriage365 was founded by Casey and Meygan Caston and is a recognized 501c3 nonprofit supported by product sales and the generosity of those committed to helping create safe places for couples to connect.