We fight when we don’t spend quality time together.

I mean at each others throats, easily irritated, and constantly nitpicking each other for days on end. We thrive when we are together, in a place where we can connect and be intimate. It took us years to learn this about our marriage and now that we know, we protect our date nights with everything we have.

We’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice, and we’ll say it again: make date nights a priority! Spending time together keeps things fresh and fun in your relationship. Having a time with no distractions where you can connect is too important to ignore.

We’ve tried all 21 of the following date ideas and encourage you all to do so as well!
  • A ‘remembering night’ where you pull out old pictures, the wedding video and mementos from when you dated.
  • Have a Naked Dinner. Yep, you read that right. We discuss this in length in our eBook Naked Dinners.
  • Get sweaty together at a local gym class. Most places have deals for first time customers.
  • Go to a flea market and choose the most meaningful, but least expensive gift you can find for each other.
  • Bake cookies together. (This is our favorite recipe!)
  • The $20 date: the goal is to not to spend more than $20.
  • Go for a drive with no agenda.
  • Relive your first date.
  • Get dressed up and go somewhere fancy!
  • Take dance lessons. (Ballroom was our favorite!)
  • Hire a photographer and do a romantic photo shoot.
  • Create your own private blackout by forbidding the use of all electricity.
  • Go to a coffee shop and bring a deck of cards or some dice.
  • Go to Target and fill your cart with something beginning with every letter of the alphabet. Then put it all away.
  • Volunteer together at a soup kitchen, animal shelter, or a local convalescent home.
  • Cook dinner together at home and save some room for dessert and sex.
  • Test drive your dream car. (Men will always say yes to this one!)
  • Take turns reading a chapter to each other of our eBook Communication that Connects.
  • Go for a bike ride and stop off for frozen yogurt.
  • Make a fire and enjoy some s’mores.
  • Rent the movie The Story of Us and enjoy some cuddling.


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5 thoughts

  • maria johnson

    I think men wants what we want. Many of them just want to act macho. And of course finding out what kind of love they need from us. Once I put aside my want and my need, and cater to what he wants and needs I began to understand him better. I don’t always agree, but I really pick my battles now. I’m sure we need more prayers but my constant reminder of 1 Corinthians 13 is on my fridge . At least God put the instructions in writting for us.

  • Emily V.

    I love the idea of going to target and picking up all those random items only to put them back! Lol imagine the goofy looks we’d get! But info like the bike ride and frozen yogurt idea! Affordable & fun!

  • Jessica Walker

    On earth day every year we turn our cell phones off and the breakers to the house off for one hour. During that time we light a kerosene lamp and play with our two boys and it is probably the most fun time we ever have together. Doing something like that for a date is an awesome idea because your spouse is the only thing to focus on when you’re completely unplugged.

  • Genai Heyer

    For a””Date Day”, enter a benefit run or bike ride together. You don’t have to be in terrific shape for this either. Most events have shorter family friendly courses.
    Preparing for it will give you more time together, a sense of team work, and a sense of accomplishment when you are finished.

  • parentsupporthub.com

    Wonderful ideas.
    Many people desire to spend time alone with their spouse, to clean up nice (a.k.a. to look attractive to their spouse), to go out on dates, and to enjoy their time together. Despite that desire, it’s reported that 85% of spouses wish they went on dates more frequently, and 30% of parents have not been on a date in more than six months. According to The National Marriage Project, the more time you spend together as a couple, the less likely you are to get divorced.

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