Respect is one of those concepts we all hear often, but it seems fewer understand how it works and its impact in marriage. Here’s an all too common story from our marriage that will give you a better grasp on respect.

Casey often goes into this hyper-focus work mode with music blasting in his earbuds as he’s typing away on his laptop. In comes Meygan, at the moment filled with excitement about a personal breakthrough. Upon interrupting Casey to vent and process what she’s feeling, she is nonverbally assaulted with a look of complete annoyance.

Does this look familiar? This is where we have to pause this scene and ask, how does a spouse respond with respect after being treated this way? Depending on who’s reading this, you’re siding with one of us, but you could say we both feel disrespected in that moment. Here’s an alternate version of what could have happened. 1-2

Casey – While being interrupted makes him feel disrespected, he chooses to take a break, close his laptop and focus on what his best friend and lover is saying.

Meygan – While feeling like a total inconvenience, instead of criticizing for the lack of courtesy, she quickly forgives his dirty look and asks him when a good time to talk would be.

It’s in these small moments that reveal the health and vitality of your marriage. Courageous couples fight the urge to pull away or fight back with a hurtful comment. Instead, they have cheat sheets or a list of creative ways to act on respect, at the moment they most lack the creativity to show it. Here’s a list of 15 ways to act on your respect for each other that you might want to keep handy!


Show common courtesy with saying “please” and “thank you”

Recall a funny story when you were dating each other

Send a romantic text 1-3

List out 5 things you are thankful in your marriage

Apologize when you’re wrong

Extend forgiveness before being asked

Make their concerns, your concerns

Listen with empathy and don’t minimize their feelings

Limit your screen time, especially around each other

Kiss for at least 15 seconds

Offer to give your spouse the day off from responsibilities

Compliment your spouse daily

Surprise each other at work with a lunch date

Ask about their goals and how you can work together on them

Don’t interrupt when they’re talking

The choice to love, honor, and respect your mate will push you to the limits of what you feel you are capable of. So then, it’s the courage to choose to act in love when you least feel like it. That’s how you define respect.

Anyone can do the easy days of marriage. In fact, rarely during the hard times do we feel like respecting our spouse. A common phrase with Marriage365 is “I CHOOSE LOVE.” We surround ourselves with this as our mantra because it reminds us that love and respect inside marriage is a choice that you make. It’s the choice that you make after your spouse snaps back a comment loaded with sarcasm, forgets your anniversary or interrupts you while typing away on your laptop.


Marriage365 Challenge: Now its your turn! Sit down with your spouse and create your own cheat sheets. Ask them ways you can show love. Make them specific and clear.


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  • Hevynn

    I sincerely appreciated your post. I find it harder and harder to find support for marriage. I feel that we’ve lost the art of respect. This totally brought it back into perspective for me. I am a fellow blogger, my husband and I combine powers to create a fun and uplifting experience for readers. I’d love to special guest write with or for you!

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